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I’m a freelance writer and a digital nomad currently based in London, England. My background is in human resources but I’ve grown to enjoy reading (and writing!) about topics connected to leadership, personal development, productivity and work/life balance.

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7 Ways To Become A Morning Person If You’re Always Hitting The Snooze Button

What time do you wake up each morning? OK, what time do you really wake up each morning? That snooze button, it seems, is your enemy. It’s the first bargain you make of the day: Give me 5 more minutes of sleep, and I promise I’ll get ready for work quicker. But, it may also be your first mistake.

You know it’s beneficial to wake up early, but actually doing so remains a challenge. Those great reasons for rising with the sun do not seem so great from the comfort of the duvet. Good news: Science is on the case.

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50 Ways to Relax Without Spending Money

Ambition is a fantastic fuel for getting things done, but what really sets the achievers apart is matching this ambition with the same level of dedication.

If you regularly find yourself working through your lunch break, closing the laptop long after dark, and collapsing on the sofa exhausted after an epic day’s work, then it’s likely you’ll pride yourself on just these traits.

But working so hard without respite can be damaging in the long run, and even impact on your productivity in the short term. It is far more effective to ensure you’re looking after your mental and physical well-being as you go, and you needn’t spend a fortune to safeguard your sanity.

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How to build an impactful digital personal brand

The résumé is a tool of the past; for many modern businesses a CV alone doesn’t cut it anymore. You need to be promoting yourself in the digital space. So how do you build an impactful digital personal brand?

While there is still a place for acknowledging your quantifiable achievements and qualifications (LinkedIn), today’s savvy business leaders know that recruitment and co-operation is not about picking the ‘best’ – in the traditional, competitive sense – but in picking the ‘right’ woman with whom to work.

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Insane Facts You Never Knew About Tesla Motors

The world spins on so fast that our sense of the generation gap between ourselves and those just a few years ahead of us can sometimes feel like an abyss. Customs, opinions, ideas – our very knowledge – have expanded and evolved so quickly since the end of the last century that many who are now entering the early-mid phase of their careers feel like they’re clearing up after the mess that’s gone before – or at least that there are fewer role models ahead of us than there are among our own inspirational generation.

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How To Haggle Your Way To a Discount In The Modern World

How much did you pay for your latest TV set, weekend break, or grocery haul? If the answer is ‘full price’, you’re doing it all wrong.

Okay, so we no longer live in age of Monty Python-style Roman markets, and the majority of faceless corporations from whom we acquire our things and experiences don’t seem like the kind of warm-hearted individuals who would want to offer us ‘mate’s rates’. But the bottom line is, they’ve got gear to shift, and warehouse space is expensive. If you can find a human to confront about the value you don’t think you’re getting, you’ve taken the first important step to shaving bucks off your buys.

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How To Give Constructive Feedback

The art of being manager has evolved. Management is no longer about domination, pulling rank, and creative cursing: rather, today’s manager knows that to get the most from their crew, as individuals and as a team, a meaningful atmosphere of collective trust is vital. However, such good intentions may be one thing, but the techniques required to achieve it involve a lot of research, learning and practise. There are few areas of your job where this will be less complex, nor more filled with opportunity, than when it comes to giving constructive feedback.

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How to Build a Personal Brand Online [Infographic]

Whether you’re a social media veteran or you’re just starting out in your career, it’s pretty unlikely you’ll undervalue the power of the medium to create a personal impression and make connections. Yet, as the old saying goes, the shoemaker’s kids always go shoeless. After a long day at the keyboard creating astonishing content for your various platforms or communicating with customers on behalf of a client, the thought of seeing another blue and white birdie or little red notification can be a stretch too far. All too often, a working week spent marketing for The Man means another week that our own hopes and dreams are put on the back burner.

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This flowchart will tell you which international etiquette matches your own

Traveling for work can be a minefield of potential culture clashes. When you go to do business in another country, you tread a difficult line of being true to your own customs and beliefs, while honoring and respecting those of your hosts. Doing so makes not only for good business, but good friendship.

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How To Turn Stress Into Productivity

Life has a habit of getting complicated. If you’re working hard to achieve success at work, in love and at your leisure pursuits, then you’ll know that balancing everything can be a tall order. But some people will say that the stress is worth it: anything worth having in this life is worth struggling for, be it a marriage, a vacation or a promotion at work. However, this needn’t be seen as a negative side-effect of your pursuits.

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